A Message from the Office of the CEOs for CommonSpirit Health
Colleagues of CommonSpirit,

In one short week, we have been once again flooded with disturbing news of three senseless mass shootings in our communities in California, Texas, and Ohio. It’s difficult to comprehend that so many lives were lost in mere seconds. Each shooting brings stories that are all too familiar; stories of innocent lives lost and other lives disrupted by violence.

It was not so long ago that we treated the wounded after mass shootings in Las Vegas, San Bernardino, Aurora, Highlands Ranch, Ventura and others in our communities. We are grateful to our caregivers who served the wounded during long days and nights. We’ll never forget the stories you shared or the heartbreak you witnessed.

Unfortunately, while mass shootings draw the most attention, lives are shattered by senseless gun violence every single day.

Our ministry compels us to stand united in support of our shared goal of healing. We understand that, together, our humanity builds healthy communities, brings people together, and works for the good of everyone. Each of us chooses to answer a call to work selflessly on behalf of others. This call seeks to unify, and champions kindness and healing.

This is who we are and what we stand for. We are united on this path as one.

Today, we grieve for the victims, the families and extended communities. We stand strong and pray for strength, comfort and peace. We offer resources that may help you cope with the tragic news:

·        A prayer that may provide comfort and guide reflection on tragic events.

·        Information about our ongoing efforts to eradicate violence in our communities and our greater society.

Let us uphold and respect the dignity of others, and the lives of all.

God bless,