About 1 Month Down

Whether you are in the Team Weight-Loss Challenge or not, you can still be losing weight. One key to losing weight is to find your biggest weakness and fix that first. For example, maybe you exercise everyday but eat junk- you can’t out train a bad diet. Maybe your nutrition is on point (only organic meats and veggies) and you drink only water, but you do zero movement/exercise throughout the day- your body won’t grow any muscle because you are not giving it the stimulous to cause that change.

We naturally find the groove that we like to fit in. Someone who likes to run will continue to run, same for people who lift weight or play basketball, etc. Someone who likes to cook certain foods will get really good at cooking that food, and not try to branch out and driving something different. However, if you don’t make changes to your lifestyle, you won’t make the progress you are looking for! Don’t continue driving on a flat tire, pull over and fix it!

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