Birth Center


Trinity Health System’s Birth Center is a faith based and family focused department that provides a compassionate and comfortable environment for new families to gather and welcome their new additions into the world. Our Birth Center offers all private patient rooms, experienced nurses to assist patients through the birthing process, and a lactation specialist onsite that specializes in assisting new moms with breast feeding. Trinity also offers Maternal Fetal Medicine specialists. These specialists are onsite and have expertise in high risk obstetrics. In 2019, Trinity Health System Birth Center implemented the utilization of a Medtronic Plasma Blade in all cesarean births. The Medtronic Plasma Blade offers the precision of a scalpel, the bleeding control of traditional electrosurgery without the extensive collateral tissue damage, promotes timeliness with emergency cesareans, and significantly reduces scaring while improving the patient’s incision healing process. As a commitment to our female patients and their families, we recently opened our Comprehensive Women‘s Health Center. Our goal is to accommodate our patients’ birth plans and respect their choice of care by providing the necessary expertise.

In our efforts to continue to provide excellent care to our new mothers and their families, our main priority is to purchase an ultrasound machine and cardiac monitors for the Birth Center. An Ultrasound machine plays an important role in accurately defining fetal head position and during the labor process. It is also vital in determining the station. Cardiac monitors that can be used on both mom and baby offer the safest levels of care for both. The use of cardiac monitors will allow us to detect changes in heart rate and rhythm as well as providing blood pressures of the baby while in labor. Cardiac monitors also are necessary to provide a clinical assessment of both patients and to ensure the safest outcome for all.