Cardiac Services


Since the opening of The Heart Center at Trinity Health System in 2001, we have served the Ohio Valley with world class cardiac care. As one of the leading cardio thoracic programs in the Ohio Valley, The Heart Center offers a full service of cardiac and vascular procedures including non-invasive cardiac testing, cardio-pulmonary rehabilitation services, diagnostic and interventional cardiac procedures, diagnostic and interventional vascular procedures, electrophysiology services, and cardiac surgery. Over the past year, as a result of our exceptional staff, we have decreased the length of our patients stay and expedited their recovery time significantly. We have implemented the use of a less invasive heart catheterization technique that proves safer for our patients and has elevated the patient experience while in The Heart Center. We are currently looking to expand our cardio thoracic surgeon staff to serve a higher volume of patients.

As The Heart Center continues to grow and serve our community, it is necessary to purchase specific equipment to aide in the world class cardiac care. A state of the art Stockart Ablation machine for the electrophysiology lab will allow us to continue to perform cardiac ablations in the electrophysiology lab. Performing cardiac ablations is an integral portion of our electrophysiology services. An Intravascular Ultrasound (IVUS) provides the exact measurement of a blockage both in cardiac and vascular procedures and ensures accuracy of patient diagnosis. The IVUS helps to decide, guide, and confirm the right interventional treatment for each patient. The purchase of a dedicated Ultrasound for The Heart Center will increase the volume of patients we are able to serve, and will shorten the length of a patient’s stay. The Ultrasound is vital in the analysis of valves and blood flow and provides a live picture of the patient’s heart.