Medical Equipment


Ultrasound is a growing service line for our health system as it offers an alternative to radiation producing equipment for visualization of various parts of the body. Ultrasound has been an integral part of the growing interventional and vascular imaging services at Trinity Health System in 2018. Our hospital currently has 3 Philips ultrasound machines, but they are nearing the end of their life status. A 4th ultrasound is needed to support the Interventional Radiology Service and to create better access to outpatient ultrasound services. We plan to systematically replace the aging technology with state of the art equipment to better the care we offer to our patients.

In 2018 Trinity Health System installed 2 brand new CT Scanners; a 128 Slice CT Scanner and a 64 Slice CT Scanner. The 128 Slice CT Scanner supports our emergency department, outpatient services and inpatient services. The 64 Slice CT Scanner supports the Interventional Radiology Service. When it comes to technology, we have the newest CT Scanners available and the only 128 Slice CT Scanner in the Ohio Valley. To compliment these state of the art CT Scanners, we will need to purchase a 3D workstation. A 3D workstation is needed to render 3D images for CT Angiograms and Cardiac CTs. A Cardiac CT would provide a new service supported by our 128 Slice CT Scanner.