Orthopedics & Sports Medicine


Trinity Health System’s Orthopedic and Sports Medicine have served the Ohio Valley for more than 30 years. Trinity’s Orthopedics and Sports Medicine service line is a multidisciplinary program that specializes in musculoskeletal care, concussion management, physical therapy, sport chiropractic, athletic training, regenerative medicine, and performance enhancement. In 2015, Sports Medicine became 1 of 12 programs to offer all three parts of the C3 Neuro rehabilitation system for concussion management. The C3 Neuro, is a three package rehabilitation system that works on balance, vision, eye tracking, depth perception, and cognitive training. In response to our aging community we’ve concentrated efforts to develop a comprehensive fall prevention and treatment program. Our program incorporates water therapy and management of vestibular conditions and syndromes.

To continue our excellent care and progress in rehabilitation we’d like to pursue the installation of a hydrotherapy pool or Swim-EX. Aquatic rehabilitation programs offer exercise in a limited weight bearing environment which lessens the pressure on joints and as a result patients are more confident, experience less pain, and experience faster recovery times.

In Orthopedics we have significantly grown in the new and exciting field of Regenerative Medicine. Our new Regenerative Medicine space is set and ready for continued advancement in finding new ways to help the body heal, track outcomes, and implement randomized as well as controlled studies that will aid in validating the specific techniques used for treatment. Our goal is for Regenerative Physicians and Orthopedic Surgeons to work together to provide optimal care for their patients.

To further refine the Regenerative Medicine field and to provide better visualization of interventions, we would like to purchase 2 portable musculoskeletal ultrasound units for our outreach locations, a Medicus Health Adjustable Exam table for lab draw, Coulter Cell Counter and Cell Viability Analyzer, Eppendorf high Speed Centrifuge, K2-Negative 80 Degree Freezer, and a Nitrous Oxide Sedation System. Combining these key pieces of equipment will provide physicians with accurate information to allow appropriate patient selection and increase their ability to predict positive patient outcomes. This equipment has been researched and selected to allow bed-side/real time testing, quality control, and accurate in office data collection. Real time data will allow Trinity to provide individualized patient care, increase patient comfort, and ultimately save patients from unnecessary procedures.