Women’s Imaging


Our Images Center for women is 1 of 35 Certified Quality Breast Centers of Excellence by National Quality Measures for Breast Centers in the country. Our excellent staff paired with state of the art equipment allows us to provide top notch care to our patients. In August 2018, we purchased the Affirm 3D Breast Tomosynthesis Biopsy through Hologic. This purchase gave us the ability to offer a more satisfactory patient experience through the added level of comfort throughout the process and provides a more dignified procedure.

In continuing to provide top notch care to our patients, our mammography center is seeking to add a Trident Specimen Radiography System. This system redefines breast specimen imaging with Hologic’s selenium detector technology. Combined with easy-to-use software, this new equipment will be able to produce exceptionally sharp digital images which will result in shorter procedures and a quicker path to patient treatment.

In order to stay on the cutting-edge of technology and to improve our patient experience and care, we would like to upgrade to the SCOUT; a wire-free radar localization system. With this equipment we will be able to heighten the accuracy and comfort of each patient by providing them with a less invasive procedure in mapping out the cancerous lesions. By using SCOUT our surgeons will be able to precisely target the affected tissue making it possible for more successful surgeries, optimized breast conservation strategies, and enhanced outcomes for women.