Employee Health Procedures for Employees Exposed to Coronavirus – 19 (COVID-19)

Identification of employees who may be required to self-quarantine due to potential/confirmed exposure to the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a shared responsibility of employees and leaders, and is based on CDC guidelines.  At this time, the CDC requires self-quarantine for individuals returning from China, South Korea, Japan, Italy and/or Iran.  In the event that the CDC expands those requirements, we will notify you via email.   Please ensure all leaders understand their responsibility to notify facility Employee Health if they are aware of any employees who have returned from those identified countries within the last 14 days, or who will be returning from the countries.  In addition, please ensure staff members are aware that they should self-disclose to facility Employee Health if they have returned from one of the identified countries within the last 14 days.


Any employee identified will be required to self-quarantine for 14 days, as required by the CDC, and will be required to respond to questions on the CommonSpirit Health Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) questionnaire via telephone call with the division/facility Employee Health Department. Employee Health will check in with the employee each day of the 14-day quarantine and will document symptom information on the questionnaire.


Employees should follow the normal process for filing a Leave of Absence.  Based on the information provided at the time of filing, they may be placed on a personal or medical leave of absence in accordance with applicable federal and state laws.  We will continue to monitor the situation in accordance with CDC guidelines, Department of Health recommendations and of course in consultation with our CNO and the office of the Chief Medical Officer.  If we decide any further changes are necessary we will notify the business of the same.


If an employee has been exposed to a patient who is suspected and/or confirmed to have Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), the Department of Health will be involved in the testing/care of the patient and will also be involved in discussions regarding the exposed employee(s).  Division/Facility Infection Control, Employee Health, Worker’s Comp, HR and appropriate leadership will be included in those discussions and decisions regarding the appropriate response to employee exposure (e.g.  employee to quarantine at home, employee to continue working with or without restrictions, etc.).  Those decisions will be based on multiple factors such as type of exposure, length of exposure, PPE used, CDC and Department of Health recommendation, etc.  Pay for time off of work as a result of the exposure will be based on applicable state worker’s compensation laws and/or applicable OSHA regulations pertaining to medical removal.


Information and updates from the CDC and other agencies is happening rapidly and we will update you as appropriate.


Should you have questions, please contact your local Employee Health leader or you HR Business Partner.