Flu Season Already!

Influenza Vaccination Season Already!

Trinity Health System had an excellent employee Influenza Vaccination participation in the 2018-2019 Flu season.  We exceeded our 2020 goal of 90% with 95% in 2019!   We are committed to improving and protecting the health and well-being of our patients, medical staff, employees, employee’s family members, students, others affiliated with Trinity and the broader community from influenza infection.

The policy that was implemented last year, HR.EH.28 Employee Influenza Vaccine Program remains in effect this year.  It is our expectation that everyone who works at Trinity Health System receive the flu vaccine each year unless there is a medical or religious reason why they cannot.

We will still have an Appeal Process for those employees that have a Medical or Religious reason for not receiving the flu shot.  The Medical or Religious Exemption written form (Appendix A) are valid only for the flu season they are granted.  The (Appendix A) must be submitted by Oct. 1st .  Supervisors will be provided information that a staff member has a legitimate exemption not the specific nature of the exemption.  See (Appendix B) for a description of the exemption management process located in policy manager.

All individuals that are granted an exception MUST wear a mask at ALL times while in patient care or Clinical areas and within (six) 6 feet of a patient, visitor or co-worker during influenza season.  Failure to wear a mask will result in positive discipline per Trinity’s policy.

Everyone who works at Trinity Health System is expected to receive the flu vaccine every year unless there is an exemption granted.  When you receive your flu shot, you will be given a RED STICKER to place on your badge.  This will identify you to your manager and other staff that you are NOT required to wear a mask.  If anyone does not have an approved reason for not getting the flu shot and they simply chose not to, in addition to wearing the mask from now until the end of flu season, it will lead to a documented policy violation in our employment records in line with general employment expectations and discipline process.

Our goal is to continue to exceed our high percentage and continue to protect the patients, staff and community.     

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