Guidelines for Newsletter Publications

Do you have something to share with our employees or leaders?  Please use the following guidelines for submitting information for publication in our weekly newsletters.

Please note that if you have information for our weekly newsletters, the following deadlines are in place.  This will make it easier for marketing to plan the work that needs done to get the information out in a timely manner.  You can simply click the links below to submit information.

For the OneSpirit Leadership publication, we are trying to make this twice a month.  Please submit information for leaders by following the link above.  Depending on timeliness of information, we hope to send these out the 1st and 3rd week of each month.

If you have special notices that need to go out to all employees, please submit directly to [email protected].  You can also simply click the links above for each individual newsletter to send an email immediately for inclusion in that publication.

You must have justification for emails going out to all employees in between regularly scheduled communications and approval must be received from your Senior Leader.

We can attach documents, insert photos, provide links and much more.  Don’t hesitate to send these types of things to share with our employees.