Just a reminder on a couple of things…

If your employees leave due to low census, be sure to add the time, even if they do not wish to use PDO. The Low Census No-Pay code is W-PDO-LCN.

If the employee is off, but is taking call when the department is closed, please be sure to add the appropriate pay code, whether it is W-PDO-LCN, W-PDO-LCW, or W-PDO-VAC to account for their time off, as call hours do not count towards FTE hours.

Also, please note, hourly employees that work OT in one week still must work their full schedule in the second week (or vice versa), as OT does NOT count towards FTE hours.
Remember, you want to check the WEST FTE HOURS total at the bottom of the timecard (bottom left corner, Totals & Schedule tab), NOT the cumulative hours to be sure the employee is meeting their FTE.

Please be sure to check your e-mails so any corrections that need made are addressed before we finish processing on the Tuesday before pay day.


If the employee does NOT want to use PDO for the holiday, please use W-NO-PAY-HOL.

If the employee DOES wish to use PDO, please use W-PDO-VAC.

ONLY if the employee works on the holiday do we use W-PDO-HOL. Also, they cannot use more PDO hours than what they actually worked. Example: Employee worked 7.25 hrs, can use 7.25 hrs of W-PDO-HOL. If the employee wishes to use less hours than what they actually worked, that is also permitted.


Please be sure to check the Bereavement Policy to verify the relationship qualifies for a leave, and remember to add the comment with the relationship. To add the comment, right click on the hours, add comment, and select Bereavement (with the appropriate relationship). If you have any questions, please contact us.


Please be aware whether your employee is still within their 90 day probationary period, as they do not have access to PDO until after they have reached their 90 days. There are NO-PAY pay codes for these employees. Please utilize the appropritate codes:



Relief employees also do not have PDO. Please utilize the following:


Please do not hesitate to contact the PAYROLL department with any questions. We are here to help!