Lede News: Laurie Labishak: Singing Her Song for a Most Important Audience

Laurie Labishak, Market Director of Public Relations, Marketing, and Communications, Trinity Health System, embodies our mission of humankindness.

Recently, reporter Steve Novotney of Lede News, interviewed Laurie. His profile shows why her colleagues, friends, and family hold Laurie in the highest esteem.

You can read the entire piece here.

This excerpt should whet your appetite:


Nope, not misspelled. Not at all. Looks like a typo, though, right?

Think it’s two words? Believe there should be a space between human and kindness, don’t ya? Little spacebar action, perhaps?

Well, it really does need to be one word because of the way it flows, and because of what it means. Just ask Laurie Labishak, a local lady who is a daughter, a wife, a mother, a singer, a caregiver, the kindest soul, and an expert in marketing the care necessary for healthy bodies and mindful souls. Simply, Labishak loves and cares and worships and cherishes every touch, sound, breath, sight, taste, and smell every moment of every day.

Not most. Every.

And that’s because the audience inevitably changes one day and that’s what all the practice is for anyway.

See, humankindness. Because of the way it flows and because of what it means.

What is your most favorite song to sing?

As I thought about this question, so many songs come to mind. One song that I especially love to sing is the Ave Maria.

A couple of years ago, while on a pilgrimage in Italy, I was able to sing this song in a beautiful church, Basilica of St. Mary of the Angels (Basilica di Santa Maria degli Angeli). This is the church where St. Francis studied and also where he died. There is a beautiful statue of Mary at the front of the church and I was struck by the beauty of it. The acoustics in the church were amazing and there was a such a peace in the space. I was the only one in the church at the time and I couldn’t resist the tugging at my heart to sing.

It was simply between me and God. Not a performance. Just between God and me.

I’ve had the privilege to sing the Ave Maria at many weddings, Christmas services and funerals over the years.  Each time, the song is very special and sung in Latin it is one of the most beautiful songs I believe ever written.


Read the rest of Laurie’s profile by clicking here.

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