Media Round-Up: Go Red for Women 2024 Luncheon is a Success!

The Go Red for Women 2024 Luncheon was held this past Friday, and it was a grand success. Our thanks to the media for helping Trinity Health System to spread the word about heart health. Here’s a round-up of that coverage:

The Herald-Star: Women urged not to ignore early signs of heart disease

Lisa Kush, a nurse practitioner board-certified in family medicine and cardiovascular medicine, recalled as a nursing student, her early fascination with the heart and the words of her instructor, Yvonne Myers: “Time is muscle and knowledge is power.”

As guest speaker for Trinity Health System’s third-annual Go Red for Women Luncheon Friday at the St. Florian Event Center, Kush said many consider heart disease as a problem experienced by older men and signaled by a sharp pain in the chest.

But symptoms of heart disease go beyond that, and one in five women in America die from heart disease each year, often because they didn’t recognize other signs and failed to see a doctor earlier, said Kush.

“Heart disease can hit anybody at any age at any time,” she said, adding women are more likely than men to have more subtle symptoms, including pain or pressure in other areas, including the neck and jaw.

You can read the rest of the article by clicking here.


WTOV: American Heart Association’s Heart Month kicks off with variety of activities

Friday was “Go Red for Women” Day and the kickoff to the American Heart Association’s Heart Month.

Trinity Health System started the celebrations with the annual Go Red Luncheon at St. Florian Hall.

Hundreds of people were in attendance for lunch, prizes, and the chance to learn more about signs of cardiovascular disease.

Marketing Director Laurie Labishak said raising awareness is key.

“We really want to spread the word that you’ve got to put your health first,” Labishak said. “You’ve got to listen to your body, know what your body is telling you; no one knows your body better than you. And if it doesn’t feel right, say something.”

You can read and watch the report here.


WTRF: Trinity’s third annual Go Red for Women luncheon its most successful ever

Heart disease is too often a silent killer for women.

But the word got out about its symptoms today at Wintersville’s Florian Hall, thanks to a roomful of people wearing red.

Trinity Health System’s third Go Red for Women luncheon today was its most successful ever.

Hundreds turned out to support the hospital network’s cardiology patients and learn about the deadly symptoms before they start.

And those signs may not be what you’ve heard they are.

You can read and watch the report here.