Media Round-Up: Grants to help community become healthier

Our thanks to the media organizations who braved the elements last Friday to cover our ceremony at Scaffidi’s Restaurant & Tavern announcing the recipients of the CommonSpirit Community Health Improvement Grants.

Below is a sampling of their coverage, along with links to each report:

The Herald-Star: Grants to help community become healthier

Trinity Health System recognized recipients of its first CommonSpirit Health Community Health Improvement Grants Friday at Scaffidi’s Restaurant and Tavern.

Three community organizations will share $105,000, officials explained. The Ohio Valley Health Center received $42,500 for its Free to be Healthy 3.0 initiative, the Ohio Valley Youth Network received $20,000 for its after-school program and Urban Mission Ministries received $42,500 for its Healthy Food for All program.

There were 19 applications for the grants, according to Laurie Labishak, Trinity’s director of marketing and communications, and Liz Schriner, Trinity’s mission director, co-chairs of the program.

“Trinity Health System’s vision is for a healthier future for all,” said Schriner.

“Caring for the whole person and building a healthier future for all goes beyond the hospital walls,” she added. “It requires us to work together to innovatively address social determinants that contribute to poor health such as housing, education and food insecurity.”

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WTOV 9: Trinity Health System grants $105,000 to health initiatives of community organizations

Trinity Health System awarded three recipients with the Community Health Improvement Grant at Scaffidi’s Restaurant & Tavern.

A total of $105,000 was distributed among three community organizations.

“One of our main programs at the health center is called ‘Free to be Healthy,’” OVHC Executive Director Ann Quillen said. “It is a diabetic and hypertension program that has been in existence at the clinic for a number of years, but we updated we upgraded. We add more services as the years have gone by and we will use this fun to helping hands that free to be healthy program.”

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WTRF 7: Trinity grants $105,000 to three nonprofits for a healthier Ohio Valley

One of the simplest ways to stay out of the hospital is to watch what goes on your plate.

With a bit of help from Trinity, three nonprofits are ready to make the food on those plates a little fresher.

The Health System gave out $105,000 in CommonSpirit Health Community Health Improvement Grants Friday morning in Steubenville to the Ohio Valley Youth Network, Ohio Valley Health Center, and Urban Mission.

The money resulted from a community needs survey working to find the root of our local health issues.

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