Megan DeGori Receives Certification

Megan DeGori, Nurse Practitioner for Dr. Desai, recently passed her Aspen Nutritional exam.  Dr. Desai was one of the first 250 physicians in the country to become certified in nutritional support and now has two Certified Nutrition Support Clinician Nurse Practitioners as part of the Nutritional Support Team at Trinity. The Nutrition Support Team with Trinity is one of the few fully trained teams in the North Eastern Panhandle to offer complete nutritional support to patients. 


Megan has been in the nursing field over the past 10 years, employed by Trinity since 2014 as an NP for Dr. Desai, specializing in the treatment of heartburn, hepatitis C, motility issues, and fecal incontinence. 


Again, we would like to congratulate Megan DeGori for becoming a Certified Nutrition Support Clinician and look forward to her contribution as she and Dr. Desai’s team provide superior care to patients.