Mission Moment


A woman went to her Pastor and said: “I won’t be attending Church anymore.”

He replied: “May I ask why?”

She answered: “I see people on their cell phones during the service. Some are gossiping, some just aren’t living right. They are all just hypocrites!”

The Pastor replied: “Ok… But can I ask you to do something for me before you make your final decision?”

“What’s that?” she asked…

He said: “Take a glass of water and walk around the church 2 times and don’t let any water fall out the glass.”

“Sure, I can do that” she smiled.

The woman came back and told the pastor that it’s done.

He asked her 3 questions:
1. Did you see anybody on their phone?
2. Did you see anybody gossiping?
3. Was anybody living wrong?

She replied: “I didn’t see anything because I was so focused on this glass, so the water wouldn’t fall.”

He told her: “When you come to Church, you should be just that focused on the Word of God, the Living Water, so that you don’t fall. That’s why Jesus said ‘follow me’.
He did not say follow Christians.”

Whether you are at church or in your workplace, don’t let your relationship with God be determined by how others relate to Him. Let it be determined by how focused you are on Him! God called you here to TRINITY to grow in your knowledge of Him through your service of others. With the passing of time, we tend to lose our focus on Him and begin paying attention to the gossips, negativity and other non-essentials. Get the eyes of your heart checked frequently so that in everything we do, we do them for His greater glory and honor!

The White Mass for all TRINITY employees will be on September 15 at 10A in Sullivan Hall. Bishop Jeffrey Monforton will celebrate this Mass for ALL Medical Professionals. Reception will follow the Mass. All are encouraged and invited to attend. Please email me back to RSVP: [email protected]

A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS go out to Karen Golba, our Nurse Practitioner who graduated with the Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP) and was awarded the diploma this month from South University. May God continue to bless you abundantly for your hard work and for ministering so faithfully to His holy people.

Do you have any news to share so we can celebrate or sympathize with you? Perhaps a death of an immediate family member (or a loved one of a colleague – be sure to get their permission), or birth of a child, an engagement, or graduation from a program. Share with me so I can share with the entire organization!!! Email [email protected]