You can have the career you’ve worked so hard for and still live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Orthopedic surgeons can go anywhere they want and be financially successful. So, here is the real question that needs answered.

What do you want the rest of your life to look like?

Are you content with being one cog in a large machine? Are you okay working relentlessly and missing important family or social events for the foreseeable future? Did you work so hard to get through medical school and your residency just to be a slave to your schedule?


Do you want more control of the arc and rhythm of your surgical career and your personal life?

Trinity Health System is the highest rated health system in the Pittsburgh region according to Medicare’s 2016 survey and hospital compare. We offer our surgeons:

  • a full service health system including robotix and state-of-the-art cancer and heart centers
  • a dedicated, highly trained team of nurses, many of whom graduated from our fully-accredited nursing school that proudly boasts a 100% first-time pass rate on our students taking their nursing boards for 11 years running
  • a mission and guiding philosophy that allows for the complete care of the patient instead of treating them like a patient number

We know that a successful life includes a blend of ambitious professional aspirations and a rewarding personal life. That is where we believe that Trinity Health System can truly make a difference for you.

  • We are located in the historic city of Steubenville, Ohio, less than 40 miles from Pittsburgh, PA.
  • We are a traffic-free 30 minute drive from Pittsburgh International Airport.
  • We have award winning schools along with more than a dozen colleges and universities within an hours drive.

For the right person, this is an opportunity of a lifetime. We want surgeons who embody our ethos of being inspired by faith and serving with distinction. We want to give you room to build the practice and career you’ve always dreamed of in a community you can be proud of.

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