Senatorial Commendation for Angela Simmerman’s Office at Twin City Medical Center

DOVER – The Tuscarawas County Health Department (TCHD), in collaboration with Empower Tusc, has presented Twin City Medical Center’s Angela Simmerman, Certified Nurse Practitioner, and her staff with a Senatorial Commendation from State Senator Al Landis. This Senatorial Commendation highlights the work her office is doing to help combat youth nicotine product use in Tuscarawas County.

TCHD partnered with Angela Simmerman’s office earlier this year to track the youth nicotine screens they completed with their patients. From March to July, the office successfully screened 656 youth for nicotine product use. Simmerman’s office works to educate patients and their parents on the harms associated with nicotine product use and helps connect youth with the cessation resources needed to help them quit nicotine products.

“The screening work being conducted by Angela Simmerman’s office is a very important step in helping to combat the youth vaping crisis,” stated Katelyn Gorius, Tobacco Use Prevention and Cessation Grant Coordinator at TCHD. “Her office is doing a great job providing education and resources to youth and their parents on the dangers associated with youth nicotine product use. We are thankful to Senator Landis for recognizing these efforts.”

Local pediatric office received Senatorial Commendation for efforts to combat youth nicotine use. Pictured with the commendation certificate are (from left to right) Amanda Fowler, RN; Angela Simmerman, CNP; Courtney Cox; and Hunter Peters from Twin City Medical Center and Katelyn Gorius from the Tuscarawas County Health Department.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that pediatric providers begin screening youth for nicotine product use to provide an opportunity to intervene and help prevent initial nicotine product use. This early intervention by pediatric providers is critical because nicotine addiction can occur quicker in youth due to their brain still developing until about age 25.

For more information on the harms associate with youth nicotine product use, please visit the My Life My Quit website at My Life My Quit is a free youth cessation program that also offers educational information for youth, parents, educators, and health professionals about the dangers of youth nicotine product use. Youth under 18 can enroll in My Life My Quit’s free cessation service by texting “START” to 36072.