Imagine driving in your car when suddenly a frozen turkey shatters your windshield, hits you and breaks nearly every bone in your face. That’s what happened to Victoria Ruvolo. Surgeons had to rebuild her face, using metal plates and screws. The teenager who threw the turkey was indicted and could have faced up to 25 years in prison. But then Victoria stepped in. She saw Ryan for the first time coming out of the courtroom. He stopped, choking and crying. Victoria then embraced him tightly, stroked his face and patted his back as he sobbed uncontrollably. Then, at her insistence, Ryan received six months in jail and five years’ probation. Given the opportunity for retribution, Victoria‚Äôs compassion dissipated anger and restored hope, in a gesture as cleansing as the tears washing down her damaged face, and the face of the foolish, miserable boy whose life she single-handedly restored. Can we, like Victoria, forgive and show compassion and restore those who had wronged us here at work and at home?