I used to work as a chaplain in a VA Medical Center. Sadly there were veterans coming home from warzones without limbs, suffering from severe PTSD, who curl up like an infant and became very hostile when I came to visit. Oftentimes they would use profanity to get me to leave their rooms. Our tendency, when we encounter hostility, is to leave or fight back. I instead heard God’s voice from my heart urging me to reflect on those times when I too hit my rock bottom. “You can’t help these men and women,” He said “until you had hit rock bottom. Now is the time that you suffer with those who are hitting theirs and allow them to experience me through you.” For that reason, I swallowed my pride and anger and kept returning and ministering. When I left at the end of the year, they hugged and whispered to me: “Can we keep in touch?” You will encounter the same here at Trinity. People who are your patients or your colleagues. Some are filled with anger and frustrations. Swallow your pride. Allow God to use you to touch, transform, and restore them through your kindness. Indeed, God isn’t asking you to figure things out. He’s asking you to trust that He already has!