Spiritual Nugget – A BROKEN STRADIVARIUS 5.3.19

One of the greatest ambitions of any violinist is to play a Stradivarius. Meticulously handcrafted by Antonio Stradivari these very rare violins produce an unrivalled sound. So you can imagine the excitement of acclaimed British violinist Peter Cropper when, in 1981 London’s Royal Academy of Music offered him a 258 year old Stradivarius for a series of concerts.

But then the unimaginable. As Peter entered the stage he tripped, landed on top of the violin and snapped the neck off. I can’t even begin to imagine how Peter Cropper felt at that moment. A priceless masterpiece destroyed!

Cropper was inconsolable. He took the violin to a master craftsman in the vain hope he might be able to repair it. And repair it he did. So perfect was the repair that the break was undetectable, and, more importantly, the sound was exquisite.

The Academy was most gracious and allowed him to continue using the Stradivarius. And so night after night, as Peter drew his bow across those string, Peter was reminded of the fact that what he once thought irreparably damaged had been fully restored by the hand of a Master craftsman.

As we continue to celebrate the Season of Easter, let us be continually reminded that we were purchased by the blood of the Lamb and restored to the dignity that we once lost. This story of Redemption is exquisitely portrayed in the Scripture in the parable of the Good Samaritan. The parable concludes with the direct command from the Lord: “Go and do likewise!” We who are sinners yet restored by God, are commanded to show the same mercy to one another, especially those who have wronged us. Remember: He who does not forgive burns the bridge over which he himself must cross!