Martin Owen

Position: Medical Doctor
Phone: 740.264.8781
Categories: Family Medicine, Family Practice, Primary Care
Location: Toronto

Dr. Martin Owen is a family practice physician, husband and a father of nine children. He sees patients of all ages,
cradle to grave. Dr. Owen received his medical degree from Queens’ University (Kingston, Ontario, Canada), and completed his residency in Family Medicine through the University of Calgary (Alberta, Canada). He has an active clinical interest in Restorative Reproductive Medicine (all methods), including the adoption and widespread use of evidence-based medical apps for women’s health and fertility. He is also available for male sexual health needs from a Catholic perspective.

Office Location
1800 Franklin Street Toronto, OH 43964
P 740.264.8781
F 740.346.0091

• Family Medicine, all ages
• Restorative Reproductive Medicine
• Acute and Chronic Pain Management
• Virtual care for established patients

Professional Education
Bachelor of Human Kinetics
University of British Columbia

Doctor of Medicine
Queens’ University School of Medicine

Post-Graduate Education
Rural Family Medicine University of Calgary