Technology + Compassion = Comprehensive Heart Care

The cardiac cath and electrophysiology labs are state-of-the-art. The peripheral vascular lab is also a key feature at Trinity Health System. And of course, we have an excellent team of cardiologists, heart surgeons and electrophysiologists.

But, like my colleagues, I’m not just a physician. I have tremendous compassion for my patients and for humanity. I think, above all, humility is a feature every physician should have. It’s a core quality.

I was born in India and grew up there in the early part of my life. I’ve always had this passion to help people, and my original plan was to practice medicine in England then go back to India. But my fate, of course, was in North America and I came here a long time ago.

Family medicine or general practice was tremendously satisfying for me, but I felt there was something more in me that needed to be elucidated, so I ventured out to do internal medicine and cardiology. Since I’ve been working at Trinity, I have been totally fulfilled with what I do and I love my patients.

At Trinity, our team’s gratification is based on the contentment and satisfaction of our patients. Taking care of those who need us is what drives us. I’m proud that Trinity Health System is highly capable of providing specialty heart care services, and it’s very rare that any of our patients would want or need to go elsewhere.