Prime Time Senior Center, a division of Trinity Health System, has experienced remarkable growth in the last year.

“Actually, COVID was probably the catalyst for it,” Prime Time Senior Center Director Trudy Wilson told WTOV9’s Chloe Mesogitis. “As more and more people learned what we did, and as we delivered more home-delivered meals, people realized that it was available to them in Jefferson County.”

At the end of 2021, Prime Time Senior Center had provided over 12,600 transportation trips to seniors, a service that enables them to keep appointments pertaining to their health and wellness.

Prime Time Senior Center also supplied over 214,000 home-delivered meals to seniors who are 60 and up and living in Jefferson County.

And Prime Time Senior Center provides daily lunches for seniors and hosts such activities as weekly bingo games, as well as special events like this past Friday’s End of Summer Party complete with luau.

“Well, the meals are good, this is good,” Peter Zanetich, member of Prime Time Senior Center, told WTOV 9. “But actually, it is the friendships and being around people, especially after being a hermit during the COVID.”

Zanetich’s friends include twin sisters Suzie Todd Eft and Sandy Todd Rollo, who also talked about the connections they’ve made thanks to Prime Time Senior Center.

“We never knew the professor before we came here,” Suzie said. “The first time we ever met him, we’ve been friends ever since.”

“It’s just been a lot of fun! It’s a lot of fun. You don’t meet a stranger here,” Sandy said.

Caregiver Erin Ogden told Mesogitis that her grandmother, Mae, has greatly benefited from Prime Time Senior Center’s services.

“As a widow, I think it’s really an essential part of her life. We come here two days a week. The programs that are offered are wonderful for her,” Ogden said.

Prime Time Senior Center’s mission is to help the aging population of the Ohio Valley become Healthy, Independent, and Production (H.I.P.) by developing and operating an Activity Center that meets their needs. They achieve this through intergenerational partnerships and volunteers that enrich lives and support independence. For more information on Prime Time Senior Center, please click here. You can also check out Prime Time Senior Center’s Facebook page here.

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