Dennison, Ohio – Trinity Hospital Twin City recently held their annual volunteer luncheon in the St. Francis room at the hospital.  The luncheon was organized by the volunteer officers with the assistance of Bianca Love, Human Resources & Volunteer Coordinator.  Currently the hospital has 48 active volunteers.  These individuals give of their time and talent in many areas of the hospital and work tirelessly to raise funds to support the hospital’s mission.

This year is marked by a very special occasion as two of the hospital’s volunteers received special honors.  Tana Edwards, who has volunteered for 45 years and Iris Kurschbaumer, with 40+ years were recognized for their years of service to the hospital.  In addition, Emillie Blackwood, president of the volunteer auxiliary, presented both women with awards on behalf of state government.  Both were lauded for being prime examples of model volunteers with smiles for everyone, a warm, welcoming demeanor and a spirit of helpfulness in their work.  Both women work in the hospital’s coffee bar located on the main floor.

“They are often the first impression of the hospital,”stated Teresa Gagliardi, Vice President of Hospital Operations.  “They are true ambassadors for our ministry,” stated Gagliardi.

The volunteers in attendance were asked what it meant to be a volunteer for Trinity Hospital Twin City.  The responses were both heartwarming and inspiring.  They mentioned it’s like being part of a family that you didn’t know you needed and they feel a sense of togetherness within the community.  Whether it is from one volunteer to another or when interacting with patients, visitors and staff, the volunteers feel a sense of “ownership” because of their work at the hospital.  The volunteers all agree that the mission of the hospital must continue for years to come and they want to be a part of that legacy.

Some things the volunteers do include fund raising for the hospital through bake sales, craft sales, card parties, flower sales and even selling pepperoni rolls. However, the biggest contribution comes from running the coffee bar within the hospital.  These volunteers care deeply about this hospital and everyone in it. The volunteer auxiliary will be having their “Deck the Halls” event this Friday November 8th in the Trinity Hospital Twin City St. Francis Hall and on December 6th they will be have a bake sale at both Trinity Hospital Twin City and the Dennison First National Bank.

This year’s  volunteer luncheon was dedicated in loving memory to a fellow volunteer who had touched all their hearts. Elmer (Jeep) Affolter was a model volunteer. He was someone who set the bar high of what a true volunteer was and he showed a level of dedication to Trinity Hospital Twin City that was above and beyond all others. He will be missed by not only the volunteers, but the community of Trinity Hospital Twin City.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Bianca Love at 740-922-7450 ext. 2245.