Trinity Medical Center Team Successfully Completes Hazardous Materials Training

On Saturday, March 9th, a group from Trinity Medical Center attended Hazardous Materials Awareness and Operations Training sponsored by the Belmont County EMA/LEPC.

The course focused on basic identification and response to hazardous-materials events.

Attendees learned how to analyze an incident, use the Emergency Response Guidebook, choose which personal protective equipment is appropriate, and determine the proper actions based on the chemical or hazard involved.

This training will allow the team at Trinity Health System to have a better understanding of how to respond to an incident at the facility or when victims of an incident are brought to the hospital for care and treatment. It’s another way in which Trinity Health System is ensuring the highest-quality care to our patients and the best education to our team.

Those in attendance included Mark Bowers (ED Tech), Brian Eger (Patient Safety Manager), Anthony Feaster (Security Supervisor), Jena Harsh (EVS Supervisor), Ryan Hyde (Security Guard), Robert Muze Jr. (Trauma Program Manager), Shana Nonemaker (EVS), Jeff Smith (EVS), and Staci Trudo (Risk Management and Patient Safety Director).