Trinity Twin City Medical Center Swing Bed Program Serves Patients, Community

Dennison, Ohio – May 10, 2023 — In the world of health service delivery, few models exist that serve the patient, hospital, and community alike. However, the swing bed program at Trinity Health System Twin City Medical Center in Dennison, Ohio, succeeds at this mission and has proven to be a much-needed resource in the area.

“The swing bed program here at Trinity Twin City Medical Center is an absolutely wonderful program that many of the citizens in our area could benefit from, but the problem is many do not know that the program even exists,” April Goodwill, BSN, RN, WCC, RN Case Manager/Utilization Review, Trinity Twin City, said. 

What is a swing bed? 

After an acute stay at a hospital for either an injury, illness, or surgery, there’s a transition period before the patient is able, perhaps even capable, of returning home to their previous living arrangement. 

The swing bed program at Trinity Health System Twin City Medical Center fills this transitional gap, allowing the patient to “swing” from the acute hospital bed to a skilled rehab bed. 

“Our staff provides on-site care 24 hours a day to help patients succeed in the program and return home safely,” Goodwill said. 

Patients have access to physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy, along with hospital-style care such as on-site respiratory, lab, and radiology services. 

“We also provide long-term IV antibiotic administration and wound care delivered by certified wound clinicians,” Goodwill said. 

Making the transition home easier

While in Trinity Twin City’s swing bed program, patients enjoy the comforts of home, even as the family has the comfort of knowing their loved one is receiving the help and the care they need prior to returning home. 

The length of stay varies, Goodwill said, but the quality of care is consistent. 

“Our goal for our patients is for them to return to home in 21 days or sooner and be successful at home so they get to stay home,” she explained. “When therapy goals are met, we make the transition home easier for patients and their families by formulating a discharge plan.”

The discharge plan is coordinated between the different members of the healthcare team and the patient and their family. 

It may include:

  • Arranging home health if needed;
  • Assistance in finding alternative living arrangements such as assisted living;
  • Arranging community services such as transport;
  • Obtaining home medical equipment and supplies such as a walker or shower chair. 

“Our highly knowledgeable staff delivers exceptional care; we currently have a zero percent readmission rate, zero percent hospital-acquired infection rate, and zero percent hospital-acquired pressure injury rate,” Goodwill said. “It also avoids the patient’s perceived stigma and fear associated with a traditional nursing home or skilled nursing facility.”

Scheduling a swing bed

Trinity Twin City Medical Center accepts Medicare, Medicare Advantage, and commercial insurance. Currently, the medical center does not accept Medicaid. 

“If patients have a scheduled surgery, such as a knee replacement, they can call ahead of time to see if they qualify for the program and provide their information to case management,” Goodwill said. “Furthermore, they are always welcome to come view the facility.”

On the day of their surgery, the facility where the surgery was completed will then conduct a physical therapy evaluation and will send updated information to case management. 

At that time, the patient will either be accepted for admission or will be accepted pending insurance approval. 

Questions about the Swing Bed program can be directed to April Goodwill, RN Case Manager, by calling 740-922-4506.