Trinity West Cafe’ Updates & Action Stations for August

Trinity West Café Updates

Beat the Heat with a Frozen Treat!  There are new novelty Ice Cream items available in the Ice Cream Freezer by the Hydration Station and Popcorn Machine!

Choco Taco $1.79

Hagan Das Pints $4.99

Hagan Das Small Cups $1.59

Nestle Dibs $2.69

Magnum Bar $1.99

Strawberry Crunch Bars $1.09

Nestle Drumstick $1.99

We will be continuing to offer more varieties to the selection as the days go on!

Also, on Tuesday and Thursday we will be adding special features to the Grill!  These will now include a new Grill Combo with the Special Sandwich of the day!

Action Stations

August 2nd – Lamb or Chicken Gyro

August 5th – Pierogi Bar

August 7th – Asian Noodle Stir Fry

August 9th – Wings & Things

August 12th – Pittsburgh Style Sandwiches

August 14th – Italian Pasta Bar

August 16th – Blackened Salmon Salad

August 19th – Asparagus, Ham, & Swiss Panini

August 21st – Taco Bar

August 23rd – BBQ Pulled Pork Pub Bowl

August 26th – Chicken & Goat Cheese Quesadilla

August 28th – All American Bar

August 30th – Chicken Bruschetta Panini