Wellness Update – 3 weeks left!

Hopefully everyone is moving towards their goals, including summer goals. The teams have three weeks left in our Team Weight-Loss challenge, but as we talked about earlier this month, everyone can use the advice we put out on the Wellness Wednesday posts to become the healthiest version of themselves!

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If you are struggling to meet the goal you set for yourself in November, make sure you are taking advantage of all the different programs set out to help you achieve.

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  1. Constant communication with the Wellness team: Email [email protected] with any questions. We have athletic trainers, strength coaches, nutrition experts, doctors, everyone who you may need to help achieve whatever goal you want.
  2. Discounted gym memberships: The YMCA only costs $5/pay for a single-adult membership (all memberships are at a highly discounted rate), and if you use the Y 12x in a 4 week pay cycle, the next 4 weeks the $5 charge is taken off! P3 is also highly discounted for trinity employees. The first 6 classes of P3/P2 are free, after that it’s only $195 for 3/months of P3 classes (normally $250) or $25/month for P2 classes (normally $30).
  3. YMCA walking program: It is getting nicer outside, and we certainly encourage everyone to go outside to walk. However, if there is a rainy day, you can come over to the YMCA and walk on your lunch break (or anytime throughout the day) and as long as you walk 2,000+ steps, you’ll get a free granola bar!
  4. Trinity Wellness123 on facebook. We put out lots of good information and videos almost daily, make sure to go like our page.
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As always, nominate your coworkers for Wellness Warrior. Anyone who encourages you to be a better version of yourself, we want to give them a free P3 membership!!