WTOV: Prime Time Center levy on ballot in Jefferson County

(Our thanks to WTOV and reporter Chloë Mesogitis for covering the Prime Time senior services replacement levy. Her full report can be viewed here.)

Early voting is underway until Sunday, officials from the Jefferson County Board of Elections say turnout has been on the lower side, though that isn’t unusual for a primary.

While you will be casting your votes for national, statewide, and county races, some of the points you want to read up on are the levies on the ballot, like for the Prime Time Center.

It’s a 1 mill replacement levy that helps fund free senior services for county residents 60 and older.

The levy funds about 70 percent of everything Prime Time does, from offering free meals at the center and home delivery, plus transportation and help with legal fees.

(Read and watch the rest of the report by clicking here.)